Essay about Why The Book Should Not Be Banned By Ernest Hemingway

Essay about Why The Book Should Not Be Banned By Ernest Hemingway

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As a famous author Ernest Hemingway has been credited for the creation of multiple critically acclaimed books. One in particular, A Farewell to Arms, while having received its fair share of approval, has also received multiple threats throughout the years to be banned by certain organizations and school systems. As respectful as I am on these groups’ opinions, I myself cannot help but disagree with their statements and viewpoints. In my point of view the book should not be banned because while it may contain some undesirable components, it is overall a moderate work of literature that has a deep foresight into heartfelt issues such as war, life, and love.
One of the main reasons as to why the book has been banned is due to the nature of the book itself. Set during World War I it contains situations that are deemed grim and bleak by some. One of the most prominent examples of such accusations is when Lieutenant Henry is taken away with other officers who are then sent to be executed. Henry states, “I did not watch them shoot him but I hear the shots. They were questioning someone else. This officer too was separated from his troops. He was not allowed to make an explanation. He cried when they read the sentence from the pad of paper, and they were questioning another when they shot him.(224)” As grim as it may have been that in itself is part of the point Hemingway is trying to make to his readers. Published in 1929 he is recalling the First World War, and recounting it to a generation that was unaware of the experiences he and his peers went through. Overall he uses the scenes as a beacon towards his realistic and cautious message. War is a dirty, violent thing that no person should willingly look forward to and that as a resort ...

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...eaten when they took them from their farms and put them in the army. That is why the peasant has wisdom, because he is defeated from the start.” (179)). Recalling the events that happened to us in the past, and learning from it through different viewpoints helps us grow not only intellectually as individuals, but also wiser as a collective community so that we may have the foresight for the problems ahead. It reveals to us that the topics people dealt with decades long ago are some of the very same issues we deal with now. Issues such as fear, war, love, despair, and in context even hope are topics that are touched upon in this book. The only way we’ll ever be able to better understand it is if we widen our eyes, and open our ears to the opinions of others. That is the privilege I have bestowed unto you, and I hope that it is a privilege you in kind will grant me.

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