Why The Birthright Citizenship Policy Should Be Changed

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Introduction This paper is going to be about birthright citizenship in the United States. The reason why the birthright citizenship policy should be changed is because this policy been taken advantages by visitors and illegal immigrants in a wrongly matter. Sometimes, illegal immigrants and foreign tourists risk their life or spend a huge amount of money just to get birth in the U.S. soil, and the main reason is to grant the citizenship for their children. Many women have taken advantage of giving birth in the United States by using their travel, business visa, or even crossing border illegally. The products of birthright citizenship policy have taken advantage without paying any tax, the other advantages including free public school education, health care, and many levels of freedom. According to current the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, every child who born in the U.S. territory will automatically become the U.S. citizen, includes children of legal noncitizens, tourists, and even illegal immigrants, further more; the children can help their parents become legal citizens when they turn 21 years old. Due to this policy, many foreigners travel to the U.S. as ‘tourists’ only to give birth and grant citizenships. Around the world, the majority of the countries do not offer automatic citizenship to everyone born within their borders. Among the world’s 194 countries, only 30 countries grant automatic citizenship to children born to aliens (Vink, 2010). Moreover, among all the developed countries, only the United States and Canada are still practicing birthright citizenship. The United States should follow international trends, because none of the European countries allow it anymore. Body Having a child on the U.S. soil can be... ... middle of paper ... ...aling birthright citizenship in recent years as immigration has increased over last 30 years, the countries including United Kingdom in 1983, France in 1993, Ireland in 2005, New Zealand in 2005, and the most recent country was Australia in 2007 (Johnson, 2012). Many countries require at least one of the parents to be citizen of the country in order for the child to receive citizenship. For example of Australian citizenship, Australia does not offer automatic birthright citizenship, there is one way for the child of illegal immigrant can obtain citizenship if the child were born and live in the country for 10 years (Australia, 2007). However, “the official also added that it would be “extremely unlikely” that illegal immigrants would be able to remain in Australia for the necessary ten-year period, meaning that the grant of citizenship rarely happens” (Freere, 2010).

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