Why Teenagers Should Not Mandatory High School Diploma Essay

Why Teenagers Should Not Mandatory High School Diploma Essay

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Obtaining a high school diploma is an important stride into adulthood for most. Despite this fact, “every year, over one point two million students drop out of high school in the United States.” Not having a high school diploma will make it harder for these teenagers later on in life. Many jobs require you to have a high school diploma or GED. Not having a high school diploma will increase the likely hood of students having legal troubles. Dropping out of high school is a life changing choice, and we have to question ourselves are these teenager mental equipped to make that decision? These are some of the reasons why I believe, teenagers should not be allowed to drop out of high school before the age of eighteen.
Students who leave high school before gaining a high school diploma, will have trouble keeping and holding a job in life. Income loss is an outcome of failing to acquire a high school diploma. The reason is, many jobs require you to have a GED or high school diploma in order to be considered for a position at their company. So without these credentials, many won’t even be considered for the job they’re applying for. Young high school drop outs are less likely to be employed, and more likely to earn lower wages when they are employed. Studies show that “A high school dropout will earn two-hundred thousand dollars less than a high school graduate over his lifetime, and almost a million dollars less than a college graduate.” Many people view students dropping out of high school as an issue not concerning them, but in a way it does. “It’s estimated that half of all Americans on public assistance, are dropouts.” Dropouts cost federal and state governments billions of dollars in lost earnings. So we as a community, should ...

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...wenty one. What make the government feel as if a sixteen year old is mature enough to make the decision to quit school?
Allowing teenagers to drop out of high school before the age eighteen should not be allowed. Yes it is a personal choice chosen by the student, but shouldn’t we be doing more as a society to convince them to graduate? The point of high school is to prepare our children to be productive citizens in society, by allowing them to make the decision to drop out of school this puts them at a disadvantage in life. Schools should educate their students on the importance of their education. By students completing high school and getting a diploma, this at least gives them the option of going to college, or getting a decent job. I understand that school is not for everyone, but having a high school diploma gives students a chance to be successful in life.

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