Why Supermarkets Use Psychological Tactics Essay

Why Supermarkets Use Psychological Tactics Essay

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According to the USDA, the average family will spend anywhere from $146 to $289 on groceries per week (Hellmich). The science behind this outrageous spending cost derives from the basic concept of manipulation; supermarkets will capitalize on human spending by appealing to their basic nature. Humans have become oblivious to their spending over the years because walking into a store to purchase necessities has become more of a privilege than an imperative right. Individuals have the mindset that “name brands” are the only product they desire when in actuality, the only difference between a name brand and the “generic” product is the logo. Emotional scientists have studied the human patterns of shopping and broken it down into a simplistic algorithm that encourages humans to purchase more than they need. Supermarkets use psychological tactics to attract consumers to certain commodities by exploiting product promotion, availability, placement, and social influence- or in other words, marketing.
An emotional scientist or a psychologist is a professional who studies, identifies, and decides which products appeal to the human mind more so than others (Nestle). This psychologist is not your average Freudian follower- he or she will not tell you that you purchase specific products because of sexual stimulation, rather he or she will identify certain aspects (color, promotion, etc.) of a product and suggest these features to go into product promotion. Not every color will mean the same thing to every human. Every supermarket has their own particular marketing strategies. One may rely solely on a television commercial, while the other focuses its attention on logo depiction. Each trait identified by a shopper will stimulate a sense of want...

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... groceries depletes a large portion of that income, and that total is not including taxes being withdrawn. It makes no sense that over half of an individuals’ income goes into the bank account of an industry that capitalizes off a need pertinent to survival. The psychological tactics that are being pressured upon the human people are outrageous; humans are spending their hard earned money on numerous overpriced items that hold no value to them. The availability of necessities is becoming slim, products are being placed in awkward positions on the shelves, and fad diets are becoming propaganda for food promotion rather than health fitness- all because it is the social norm to spend more than spends less is an honor code in the world of supermarket sales. Just as Ted said, in the movie Ted, “Please come again. We have a lot more groceries.” Oh what a time to be alive.

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