Why Students Should Not Qualify For An Iep But Still Needs Some Accommodations

Why Students Should Not Qualify For An Iep But Still Needs Some Accommodations

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According to what I have learned in class, a 504 plan is for when a student does not qualify for an IEP but still needs some accommodations. A student may meet the first two prongs of eligibility for special education but does not meet the third prong of needing specifically designed instruction. If this is the case the student can still receive a 504 plan. According to understood.org, “A 504 plan outlines how a child’s specific needs are met with accommodations, modifications and other services. These measures “remove barriers” to learning”. This is important because the student will still get the accommodation he or she needs.
To find out if a student is eligible they can view the requirements to receive a 504 plan. Undertstood.org reminds us that, “Having a disability doesn’t automatically make a student eligible for a 504 plan. First the school has to do an evaluation to decide if a child’s disability “substantially” limits his ability to learn and participate in the general education classroom”. This is important because some may think if a student has a disability then they will automatically receive a 504, but that is not the case.
According to the website if the school or parents suspect a 504 needed, the school will get permission from the parent. After that, the student will get evaluated; the school can get its information from several sources. The sources include; documentation of the student’s disability, evaluation results if the student was evaluated for an IEP, observations from student’s parents and teachers, academic records, and independent evaluations.
The website also explains what is on a 504. Unlike an IEP there are no requirements of what is on a 504 and each school will handle it differently. Accordi...

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...nstruction should meet the needs of 80-85% of the students. If students are still struggling then they will move up into tier two. This is more intensive intervention that may include smaller groups. An example of this is title one groups at a school for those who are struggling. If from there the student is still struggling he or she may qualify for special education and meetings need to be set up to discuss the possibility.
On the website I also learn that this can be used as a screening to find the students who mat be struggling from a learning disability. These disabilities are not as easy to pick up and RtI is great for finding them. In other cases if the student has a disability that is known such as Autism then they do not have to go through this process to receive special education. RtI is the tool that helps teachers find the students that need extra help.

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