Why Students Should Join College Organizations Essay

Why Students Should Join College Organizations Essay

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Why students should join College organizations

College is a new experience for students. It is the point of a student’s life where they officially learn how to be an adult. Many people will tell students that its important to receive good grades while in college; however, its also important that students join an on campus college organization. College organizations can range from clubs associated with a students major for example Graphic Design, Computer Information Systems, Fashion design. Or it can be an organization that holds their interest which could be Fraternities, Sororities, and Step Teams. Students should join a college organization because it will allow them to network, it’s a resume builder, it will teach them real life experiences, and Improve their social skills.
Being apart of college organizations will allow students to network with peers they meet. Networking is the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions (Marriam Webster). Networking is as simple as a student introducing themselves to people in their college organization or handing them a business card if they have one. Networking allows students to become connected to their school (Mayfield Usanews), meet new people, make business connections, and increase confidence. Networking doesn’t just start and end with college organizations though. Students can network anywhere.
College organizations are great resume builders (Mayfield Usanews). Affiliation with a school organization can impress an interviewer or boss. Now, it wouldn’t affect a student if they didn’t have any college organizations they were apart of on their resume. It just makes them stand out from the rest of the potential people being interviewed. ...

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...erson who is not as qualified as the first person but has excellent social skills could possibly get the job depending on what kind of job they are applying for especially if it is a job that would have them socializing with a lot of people on daily basis at place like Google.
Students should join a college organization because it will allow them to network, it’s a resume builder, it will teach them real life experiences, and Improve their social skills. College organizations are available for students and they should consider them. The kinds of organizations they can join range from graphic design to actuarial science clubs. Students can even start their own clubs if they can 't find one that interest them. There really is no reason why a student cant make time to join a college organization so that they can meet more people and benefit from meeting more people.

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