Why Students Should Have Access For Textbooks At Home Essay

Why Students Should Have Access For Textbooks At Home Essay

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Why Students Should Have Access to Textbooks at Home
Textbooks, there was a time when you would see school aged children lugging them home after school. Sometimes a polite young man would offer to carry a young lady’s books as a way to open up a channel of communication. Unfortunately, today textbooks are almost a memory of the past and as this daunting task of carrying books home becomes less and less, so does valuable educational needs. The public school system is failing our children and there is a need to create a system that allows children access to textbooks and other academic materials. Textbooks are one of the most important tools needed to assist a child in the learning process. The books needed to study the material that will be on the standardized tests are created by the same companies who also create these tests. Therefore access to these books is imperative. When a child brings home a homework assignment and there is not a textbook to accompany it, that child is at a disadvantage and has already been set up to fail by not being able to complete their assignment. To alleviate some of the financial burden, district websites can house all textbooks, schools should be given access to those books and related materials that pertain to their classes and students should be able to access these textbooks.
What is a textbook? “A text-book is any manual of instruction, a book containing a presentation of the principles of the subject used as a basis of instruction.” (Webster 's Dictionary). With the internet as a tool, there is a plethora of accessible information. However, most classrooms are still teaching children with textbooks. These textbooks are used in the classroom, but not accessible at home where the child needs...

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...makeup and psychological requirements of the students so as to facilitate teaching; sometimes a text book is called “The Teacher in print””(Ahmed). Academically children are failing, the curriculum requirements have become more complex, however the budget does not match the need of a complex curriculum to give the students a fair chance at education.
In order to see an overall improvement in our ever-growing economy we must plant seeds in our children and water them. The school districts alone cannot replace the lost aid they need the funding of public tax dollars. By providing a decent education to our children and giving them a fair chance and access to the proper textbooks and other education materials the state can assist them in becoming successful. Textbooks and access to them online should not be denied, it is one of the most pertinent pieces of the solution.

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