Essay about Why Students Enter Collegiate Level Classes Needing Remediation

Essay about Why Students Enter Collegiate Level Classes Needing Remediation

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According to The Final Report of the Arkansas Task Force on Higher Education 2008 Report, revealed that in order for Arkansas to meet the demand of increasing citizens who are workforce educated and improving the state 's economic development. Arkansas was challenged by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) to increase the average number of citizens who hold a bachelor 's degree by 27% by December 2015 and if Arkansas continues at its current rate than Arkansas will fall short by 4.7%. Research supports that there is a strong correlation between bachelor 's degree held by adult citizens and a state 's per capita income. While the 15 member Task Force sought to take on the challenge, they agreed that it was attainable and reasonable. The Task Force departmentalized by K-12, two-year institutions, and four-year institutions. The Task Force set out to complete 10 goals including identifying root causes of why students enter collegiate level classes needing remediation, identifying K-12 school systems and colleges that are preparing students ready for collegiate level coursework and not needing remediation, and construct a definition of remediation.
Considering Arkansas ' history of being located as the split between east and west Americas, Arkansas ' economy has sustained over time, however, the state is truly a reflection of the have and have nots conception. This really says volumes when one examine higher education for minorities and low-income families. In addition, the Task Force utilized this information to begin developing actions in order to meet the goals that were set. Eight challenges were framed as follows:
1. Strengthening the Arkansas Education Pipeline (increase educating traditional students as well a...

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...s to perservere through adversities; 6) Enhancing Funding and Goverance; Colleges and universities are unable to fund Task Force Recommendations; Provide incentive programs to recruit and sustain student enrollment through attainment of the degree; 7) Addressing Data Needs; Establish a statewide integrated data system that includes K-12, workforce education, higher education, and workforce services; 8) Supporting Economic Development through connecting education to economics. In conclusion, the Task Force also recommended for future study to focus on the following concepts: alignment between the Smart Core curriculum and courses for eligibility for the Academic Challenge Scholarship, further improve coordination in a P-18 system, review limits on remediation in four-year institutions, and review funding for concurrent enrollment and institutions of higher education.

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