Why Students Do Not Attend College Essay

Why Students Do Not Attend College Essay

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Education is the most powerful investment to ourselves and the future world. College is a great example of why it is the best investment to our economy. Unfortunately, only 65.9% of high school graduates enroll in college. There are many reasons why students do not attend college, but the main reason that is unacceptable is lack of funds. This is the main reason why many students don 't continue their education and instead they start working to have an easy life. In order to support student to follow their dreams of acquiring a career we came out with the idea of providing a scholarship for students who does not have sufficient funds to obtain a higher education.
Education is an important aspect not only in our life but to our world. According to Nelson Mandela, (1918) “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The nation 's growth and development depends on how well our youth is educated because they are our future.
Our non-profit organization focuses on El Paso’s area code with the lowest incoming. Bowie high school graduates fall into that categ...

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