Why Statistics Is Important For The Best Course Of Action Essay

Why Statistics Is Important For The Best Course Of Action Essay

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Statistics is something that comes up in everyday life a lot more often than some people might realize and being able to recognize statistical information as well as knowing how to use it properly can be extremely useful to you. You use it for small things, such as checking what the weather is supposed to be like throughout the week, but it can also be used for far more important situations like in medical circumstances where you are presented with chances of survival or sometimes determining the best course of action to take in order to ensure the safety of others. We all see things like graphs, scatterplots, and other similar types of presentations everywhere when shown any kind of information, from determining your chances of getting into a certain school to presentations from competing companies. Having an understanding of statistics helps you to better comprehend the data and teaches you how the information can benefit you. It is important to be able to recognize the statistical information that you are bound to be presented with at some point in your life, and understand what the information means, whether or not it is being presented in an accurate way, and how to use the information to your advantage. Knowing how to use statistical data and information can be a hugely beneficial in many aspects of your everyday life, whether you realize it or not.
One of the most significant things that I have learned throughout these past weeks is probably about how big of an impact that statistics has on everyone’s lives, especially when dealing with safety and the regulations that are implemented in order to lower the chances of something going wrong. (Triola, 259-265) The people who work on building things like boats, elevators, and s...

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In conclusion, statistics is used in everyday life more than most people realize. Understanding how to recognize data when you see it, knowing how to use statistical information when presented with it, and being able to think critically and ethically is very helpful in day to day life. It comes up frequently in mundane things such as looking at weather predictions and watching sports, but also has a huge impact in much more important things, such as safety, whether it be keeping everyone alive in some kind of transportion or preventing an unethical issue from happening. It can also help people, researchers in particular, think and work in an ethically sound way and provide the most honest and factual information possible. Having even a basic understanding of statistics is useful knowledge to have and knowing how to use it can be extremely beneficial to your life.

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