Why Some People Have Power and Influece Essay

Why Some People Have Power and Influece Essay

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Power and influence rule the world, and some people have more than others. The ways a person can gain power or influence are money, who they know and are related to, and their actions. Influence can be used to secure more power or maintain a person’s current level of power. There are several individuals who hold power and influence, while other people do not. There are several reasons as to why this is the case, such as money and the scale influence is being measured on.

People with money have access to near unlimited power, and those without it have less of a chance of persuading someone to give themselves an item. Rich people can practically buy a politician into office by running ads for them and against their opponent. Then, exerting influence on them, the rich people can force politicians to make laws that increase or maintain their wealth. That helps the politician to stay in office and continue to work on behalf of the rich. People with money can influence people by offering them malicious bribes or coercing them to do something good for the affluent person. Those people can then go and often increase the rich person’s wealth. Rich people can exert influence on people so they can maintain their lifestyle and power.

The people who one knows can greatly increase your influence on other people. If one knew an owner of a restaurant, you could probably receive discounted meals. If one is related to a politician, they are more likely to listen to you and do your bidding. For example, if a business was using unlawful business practices and you were related to a politician, then you could use influence to bring about change. That change could be in the form of new regulations, new laws, or other restrictions. Peo...

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... can cause a huge difference in lives of people around the world.

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