Essay about Why Smoking Is Bad For One 's Health And Affects Your Life

Essay about Why Smoking Is Bad For One 's Health And Affects Your Life

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The Real Cost Commercial

It has been proven that smoking is bad for one’s health and affects your life in a bad way. Through this commercial it is represented well in that aspect of the effects of smoking. The commercial, “In the Way” was inspired by the fact that people smoke though it is bad for you. It is about how a group of teenagers are in a band though their lead drummer keeps on leaving to take a smoke but the cigarette was seen as a small man, who is a bully to the drummer forcing him to go outside multiple times to take a smoke and stops the whole band from being able to practice. Throughout this commercial there are deeper meanings from different aspects that are coming from the video like the audience, purpose, content, creator’s reasons, and the structure of the video.

In the commercial it is trying to get to a certain audience or even multiple audience to project the message to persuade this audience or audiences to be influenced by the theme of the commercial. This commercial is trying to get to multiple audiences to help get the point of the video across and these audiences are teenagers, smokers, and parents. For the teenager audience the commercial is choosing to have all the main actors be teenagers to be more influential to the same generation. This will make the teenage audience be more aware of the problem because the actors are the same age so this audience will relate with the actors better than if the actors were adults.The smoker audience is represented through the fact the while commercial is revolving around smoking and tobacco. The parent audience is involved from the having the teenagers be the main focal point in smoking so this will make the parents be worried about the tobacco.

The pur...

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...g back. Through the whole video the creator was just trying to express how smoking is bad but not be too forceful in the process. If the creator was too forceful then the audience may essentially rebel against the message to show that they will not be controlled by the video.

The commercial had a deeper meaning throughout to depict the audience, purpose, content, creator’s reasons, and the structure of the video. The audience was aimed for teenagers, smokers, and parents. The purpose was to show how smoking was bad a bad effect on a person’s life. Throughout the commercial were phrases to influence people on how terrible to smoke. The creator of the video obviously wanted to show teenagers how that smoking will pull you away from your life. The structure of the commercial was well organized to leave a lasting effect on the reasons why smoking is bad for a person.

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