Essay on Why Smoking Is A Social Problem

Essay on Why Smoking Is A Social Problem

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In conclusion, the evidence shows the percentage of 11- 15 year olds smokers has fallen from 9% before the Government’s policy change, to just 3% in 2014. This was partly due to the increased difficulty of school pupils being able to purchase cigarettes. Reports also show that in the year after the ban, there were 1200 fewer emergency admissions to hospitals for heart attacks, a 2.4% reduction, demonstrating that society’s health is improving.

Studies suggest that the number of people that smoke in the UK is falling with the overall sales decreasing by 2.2% in 2014-15. This is partially due to the decreasing affordability of cigarettes. However, estimates from the HM Revenue & Customs, suggest that the number of tobacco products smuggled into the UK is increasing.
The Government is able to identify the negative effects that smoking has on society and is continuously making progress to improve the Nation’s health. Although there is still a way to go to change society’s mind set.

Why Smoking is a Social Problem
Smoking is considered a social problem as it effects everyone in society, both smokers and non-smokers. Although it is becoming less widespread, it still remains a leading cause of death and disease in the UK. It is a problem that crosses generations as it does not affect just one specific age group. The effects have a negative effect on the UK economy through sick leave and loss of productivity.
It is also an issue socially as the NHS is required to finance more care as smoking has an increased risk on people’s health. The NHS also need more funding for specialist equipment in order to deal with the increasing number of patients with conditions and diseases caused by smoking. The level of care required for s...

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...was actively smoking.
Some examples of the harm smoking can cause are:
Cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and attacks, and angina.
Respiratory diseases, including: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (permanent loss of lung function).
Caner, including: Lung, pancreatic etc.
Smoking can also cause harm to pregnant women. Slovic (2001) has shown that it can reduce birth weight by approximately 200g. There is also evidence suggesting that smoking during pregnancy can increase the chances of the child being more subject to childhood cancers and congenital defects.
Smoking can also harm people economically. For example, in 2014 the average price for a pack of 20 cigarettes cost £8.23 (Tabacco Manufacturer’s Association, 2014). This money instead could be spent on buying healthy food which would increase the chances of a person living a healthy life.

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