Why Sky Scanner Is The Cheapest Flights Essay examples

Why Sky Scanner Is The Cheapest Flights Essay examples

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Let us first answer why Sky Scanner appears to offer the cheapest flights. There are numerous reasons, and one of them is that the airlines offer them a lower rate as an incentive to draw people onto their websites. In addition, they lower their rates to help them compete with other airlines by comparison.

One of the main reasons their prices “appear” lower than other websites is because they compare wildly different types of airline ticket with very different pricing structures. For example, one airline may have a listed price that is lower and inflexible, whereas the other airline may have a higher price that allows you to switch the days you fly. Both tickets prices are held up side-by-side on the website.

A Short Word Of Warning

You also have to remember that the SkyScanner simply routes you to different companies, so there is a chance you will be directed to the website of a scammer. There are also plenty of times where you may be led towards an unreliable company. That is why you cannot implicitly trust the company you are directed to simply because you found them through SkyScanner. You still need to do your research and look for negative reviews on other websites before you give the company money or book in any way, just as you would if you had found the airline company through Google.

SkyScanner offers you a means of getting cheaper flights, but if you want the best prices, then use it as one of many research tools for shopping around. SkyScanner doesn’t offer prices from all the airline companies, so you shouldn’t use it exclusively. It is good, but not perfect, so here are a few pros and cons.

Pro - It Is Ideal If You Are Not Bound By Dates

There are plenty of cheap flights for the taking, and the people that ...

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... around with pockets full of cash.

11 - Weigh Your Baggage Before You Leave

This is common knowledge and common sense for most frequent travelers. Weigh your bags before you go so that you do not end up paying extra charges because your bags are a little heavy. Some people wear their extra items to avoid baggage charges, but it is not worth it if the flight is longer than an hour because it gets very uncomfortable.

12 - Bring Your Own Snacks

If your flight comes with a meal, then eat it and nothing else. There is nothing worse than people stuffing themselves on a plane and then needing the toilet for 30 minutes. If the flight charges for snacks, then bring a few of your own. However, make sure they are approved for travel otherwise they will be confiscated. At the moment, regulations are so tight that you cannot carry anything onto a plane that casts a shadow.

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