Essay about Why Should You Choose The Monetary Values

Essay about Why Should You Choose The Monetary Values

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Over the last several months I have greatly been questioning what my next step is, that would be ideal in benefitting myself presently and for the future. I never used to consider money so important when regarding my choice of career, however, over the last two years I have come to reconsider and realize that I do hold some monetary values which I absolutely feel the need to consider. (I can only assume that this in due to becoming older and learning about myself and my aspirations through new experiences.) Midway through my degree in Human Relations, my friend and I devised a plan to go away after graduating to take a step away from the educational system and gain some life experience while exploring unknown opportunities. With a strong desire to travel and see the world, this has still been something we speak about regularly and have been attempting to plan. It was after not so much researching that we both learned how expensive such travels would cost. Still now, knowing it will not be happening soon due to costs and other plans, I yearn to go, and travel and gain all new experiences.
In regards to money, on another side of this, I completed my internship in the specialization this past March. The experience was incredible and I was extremely grateful and awed by how amazing my supervisor was, along with the company itself. I worked very hard, doubling the required hours in order to learn as much as I could, gain experience and hopefully get a job offer. After working diligently for months, dedication to each task and the relationships I formed in the company must have paid off somehow because my supervisor offered me a job well before my last day as an intern. I must remark that the company is extremely forward thinking, ope...

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...myself despite, perhaps, not accomplishing all the goals that I want? How can I still gain the experience that I yearn for without travelling such as I want to? What are ways I can learn to still achieve all that I want, along with the ideal future state. What are other views on how to be the best one can be, and other views on not achieving that which is desired without living with regret? Should I just take the risk and go, after discussing it over with my partner, and scrambling whatever money I can to leave without full regard to the future? In that, relinquishing the desire for more time and information, disregarding the insecure need for that bit more clarity or certainty. How do I determine for myself what is more important, money and particular life experience, or professional experience? How do I know which will make me happier and reach the state I want to?

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