Why Should You Be A Dentist? Essay

Why Should You Be A Dentist? Essay

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Why would someone ever want to be a dentist? When I was a kid, I went to many dental clinics for treatments. I liked the work environment, the tools used there, and the dental machines. I thought that that dentists’ job is only to remove teeth, but later I knew that dentists have a lot of duties. According to O-Net Online, dentists work on patients’ mouths and they “diagnose, prevent, and treat problems of the teeth and tissue of the mouth.” (“Definition”) Being able to work on patients teeth plus working with dentistry tools and machines got me interested in being a dentist.
It’s not easy to become a dentist. Actually, the road to become a dentist is long and needs much patience. In order to apply for dentistry school in the US, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any major, a high Dental Admission Test score (DAT), and your GPA. According to Career Overview online, almost all of the applicants who apply for dentistry school got a bachelor degree in a science-based field like chemistry, biology, and biochemistry. Although attaining a bachelor degree, a good score of DAT, and high GPA seems enough to get you in dentistry school, the admission to the school is highly competitive and “Schools look at applicants’ interviews and recommendations” (Dentist Training and Job Qualifications). Many students looking forward to get a recommendation letter from clubs or classes that would help them get into dentistry school. Some students quit in the middle of the road because they think that dentistry would take many years from their lives. According to “Preparation for Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant careers” most of the dental schools “are four-year professional degree programs starting after the stude...

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...ore importantly, I found out that the salary for specialized dentists are high compared to other medical doctors, so I started thinking of a specialty that I could study after graduating from dentistry school. I also realized that students need a high DAT score to get in any dentistry school in California because California has many high ranked schools among the states. Moreover, I noticed that many people nowadays are not afraid anymore from going to dental clinics because they prefer to avoid the pain they have as soon as possible, so “ dentists are scary” is not true anymore. I’m planning to finish more science-field classes like chemistry, biology, and biochemistry in the next 3 years in order to prepare myself for dentistry school. Furthermore, I’m going to join “Doctors’ of tomorrow” club in OCC in order to get more information about medical and dental schools.

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