Essay about Why Should Women 's Work?

Essay about Why Should Women 's Work?

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Why should Yemeni women work? In Yemen women have been facing a lot of difficulties and challenges to get their rights to work. The society must help them control their lives, have the opportunity to participate and show their power which can support them to be better in their lives. While most of Yemeni men think women have to work at home and in agricultural lands, women in Yemen had better get their rights to work in order to be strong, independent and to be able to participate in all life’s aspects.

Being strong and independent women means that they are able to find happiness on their own. They have self-confidence without having to rely on another person or society for validation. It also means that they are the one who pays their own bills, buys their own things and does not allow men to affect their confidence. Public awareness of gender equality should be spread among the society. According to Sika Nadine, “Clearly, there is more need to reform legislation, but more important are public awareness campaigns and strategies that target grassroots understanding of gender equality and empowerment” (40). If men know the importance of women work, they will recognize the value of having them in the society and how they help get benefits to business. When women work, it helps them to be self-sufficient. They have the right to express their own opinions and make their own decisions. They are allowed to disagree or have a different point of view. In Yemen women are not able to show their opinions or to make any decisions. They have to have the same ideas, which their fathers, the eldest brothers or husbands have. For example, if a woman would like to travel, she has to get a passport. Only if she receives her father, the eldest bro...

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...ct, women had better to work because when they work, they control their lives, become successful, self-sufficient, strong, self- confident, can participate in the society in all different aspects of life and be able to make decisions. When Yemeni men work and do not let women to work, their families are poor and they cannot afford everything for them.

To sum, although a lot of Yemeni men believe that women must work at home and in agricultural lands, women should work to be independent and to participate in all life fields. Being independent helps women control their lives, be confident, take decisions and show their points of view. Women work to be engaged in all the society aspects. However, Yemeni men argue that Yemeni women ought to work at home and in farms. I recommend all Yemeni women to work and do their best to prove themselves in their society.

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Essay about Why Should Women 's Work?

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