Why Should Weight Training Exercise Essay

Why Should Weight Training Exercise Essay

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Many people in todays world wish to get into better shape. The problem is a large amount does not know how to proceed, to get fit. There are many problems on why people try to get fit, but fail. Each person needs to be able to have their own personal routine. This routine needs to be tailored specifically to each person. If people do not create a routine, they could be over or under working themselves, which can result in injury or no results. Another problem is many people may forget to consider weight training. Weight training is extremely important in overall fitness and can have a large amount of benefits.
Muscular strength and endurance are huge factors to how approach in creating routines. According to AboutFitness.com, “Muscular Strength refers to a muscle 's ability to generate force against physical objects. This typically refers to how much weight you can lift for different strength training exercises. The type of resistance can include dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, machines, cables, medicine balls or your own body.” Sportsmedicine.com states, “Muscular Endurance is the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to sustain repeated contractions against a resistance for an extended period of time.” These two factors decide the types of exercises a person is able to do.
The average person should create a workout routine that best fits them. They should not exceed exercising six days a week, because this can result in injury. Next, the person needs a plan on when to exercise a specific part of their body. It is also recommended they do not use weights, in two day periods. While exercising, people are exercising, they should do their workout in repetitions. This means they do a certain exercise, in short chunks, s...

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...l health. This can allow people to perform their jobs better, and notice fine details. It is a proven fact that weight training can give a person more benefits, than only physical ones.
Weight training is a very important aspect of exercising and maintaining overall fitness. While weight training it is also very important to remember how to weight train. The trainee should also create a routine that best fits them physically and time wise. While doing so it is also important to research the proper techniques in weight training, and discovering their own physical limit. This includes their muscular strength and endurance. Eventually with proper training and devotion, the trainee can increase these to create a more intense routine. With all of these tools, a person can attempt to live a more healthy lifestyle and be able to maintain a better state of overall fitness.

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