Essay about Why Should We Study Medicine

Essay about Why Should We Study Medicine

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At the age of eleven I moved with my mother and sister from Karachi, Pakistan to Dallas, Texas. At Gladewater Middle School in Dallas, I earned honors in all my sixth grade subjects and received the school Trophy for Outstanding Sixth Grade Student. Within two years of our arrival in USA, we had to move back to Pakistan.

Back in Pakistan, I again adapted to a different schooling system and completed high school with highest honors. I placed eighth in the State Secondary School Examinations taken by hundreds of thousands of students. Choosing to study medicine was a choice that came naturally to me. Nothing amazed me as much as the human body; a perfectly coordinated conglomerate of millions of cells working synchronously towards health and, sometimes, pathology.

I was selected to attend Dow Medical College, the premier medical school in Pakistan where I earned distinctions (honors) in all my basic science subjects during the first two years of medical school. I did my clinical clerkships at Civil hospital, one of the oldest and largest public University teaching hospitals in Pakistan. Of all my clerkships, I enjoyed Internal Medicine the most. Each patient was a puzzle and required observation, application of vast knowledge and examination skills, and analysis to reach a meaningful diagnosis, and then managing the patient till restoration of health. Patients came to this hospital from all over the country. We were fortunate to see even typical textbook patients. For example, I remember a patient with hyperpigmentation of lips with Addison’s disease and another patient with ‘anchovy paste’ fluid in percutaneous needle aspiration of an amebic liver abscess.

Civil hospital is a typical public hospital in a developing country ca...

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... I intend on carrying on with my research and pursuing a Masters degree in research or Public Health (MPH) along with, or after my residency in Internal Medicine.

Travelling and exposure to diverse people and cultures from an early age allowed me to adapt and enjoy my studies at Gladewater Middle School, Dallas, clinical electives at the University of Illinois at Chicago, research experience in Doha, Qatar, and staying in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am looking forward to continuing my endeavors and seeking a competitive Internal Medicine Residency program that will encourage me to develop as a physician, a scientist and an academic teacher. To lay the foundation of a rewarding career in academic and clinical medicine, I am eager to accept an opportunity to work in a program which fosters research inspiration, demands quality patient service and imparts excellent training.

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