Why Should We Study Comets And Asteroids? Essay example

Why Should We Study Comets And Asteroids? Essay example

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Though most people have heard about Comets and Asteroids many are unware of what they are and more significantly, their importance to life itself. Comets and asteroids are often described as small planets differentiating in sizes, some are baseball-sized meteors while some others are about one third the size of the moon. Other common terms used to describe them are rocky and icy bodies left over from the formation of the solar system. According to Don Yeomans from the Propulsion Lab, “Initially there was a great number of Comets and Asteroids, however, most of these bodies have either collided together and formed some of the major planets, were ejected from the inner solar system into the Oort cloud, or were ejected out of the solar system altogether.” Therefore, the Comets and Asteroids we see today are the residual population. One basic question to ask is why should we study Comets and Asteroids?
According to Nancy Atkinson from Universe Today, “Asteroids and comets have a few things in common. They are both celestial bodies orbiting our Sun, and they both can have unusual orbits, sometimes straying close to Earth or the other planets.” Moreover, they are both “leftovers” made from materials from the formation of our Solar System 4.5 billion years ago. But there are a few notable differences between these two objects, as well. The biggest difference between comets and asteroids, however, is what they are made of. Until 3.8 billion years ago, the inflow of debris that formed Earth in the solar system was so strong that the proto-Earth was too hot for life to form and because of this the oceans on Earth in the early times vaporized. Carbon-based molecules, upon which life is based, could not survived. However, some 3.5 billion yea...

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...hods they have at their disposal are Solar Sail, Nuclear Bombs, and Rocket Motors or find a way to break up the object.
According to NASA, “Comets are the remainders of material formed in the coldest part of our solar system. Impacts from comets played a major role in the evolution of the Earth, primarily during its early history billions of years ago”. Many believe Comets brought water along with a variety of other organic molecules to Earth. More or less, studying Asteroids can help our understanding of the terrestrial planets and there are valuable example of why it is important to study asteroids. They can tell us about the origins of our Solar System and help us understand more about the origin of life, we can possibly find metals asteroids near the Earth and most importantly in any case an Asteroids might be in range to collide with Earth we can be prepared.

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