Essay Why Should We Pay College Tuition Fees

Essay Why Should We Pay College Tuition Fees

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Why education need costs money? A lot of people ask this question. This question just like why you want to do business to make money. Everything will pay off in return, there is not free lunch in the world. There are four reasons why we need to pay college tuition fees. First of all, education costs money, such as teachers’ salaries. The second reason is tuition also can support school to do research or build new building. The third reason is college has scholarship and finical aid, they already help pay some tuition. Last of all, we all know the higher education gains the higher the wages, when people pay for something, they value it more.
First of all, education costs money. Nearly three- quarters of American professors are contingent faculty. That’s a problem for students. In 1975, 30 percent of college faculty were part-time. By 2011, 51 percent of college faculty were part-time, and another percent were non-tenure track, full-time employees. The low wages and lack of job security that come with the contingent faculty often lead to losing out on high quality candidates. Ian Campbell, Associate Professor of Arabic at Georgia State University, explains: “Arabic is particularly problematic in this regard. Although many people come to interview, but they gave up when they hear wage is not high. Teachers’ salaries and benefits are generally the most expensive elements of a school. According National Center for Education Statistics, school spent roughly $610.1 billion in total expenditures in 2008-09. A school cannot function if its physical plant is in poor repair. Those tuition money helps pay for building maintenance, janitors, and other building expenses.
Education costs money.
Tuition fees also can support school to do rese...

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...he 2010 Census, the difference in yearly income for a person with a college degree and a person with just a high school diploma is 19,550 dollars. People think college tuition fees are expensive, but they did not consider that when they pay more, they also value more.
When people pay more, they value it more.
In conclusion, there is not free lunch in the world. People need to pay for what they want rather than just do everything free especially education. Education is priceless, the knowledge that people learned is their precious wealth. Also, every college offer a lot of scholarships and financial aid, it reduces a lot of tuition fees. Tuition fees can support school to do research and build new building, it benefits both school and students. However, higher education can get higher wage, so people should pay for college tuition fees if they want get higher wage.

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