Why Should They Invest? Essay

Why Should They Invest? Essay

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When I grow up I’ll be black,
a decedent from those who built America,
but where punished with the strap.
A hard earned pride comes with that.

Shut up kid! Wonderful? Black? Let me tell you the facts.
Oh…look it’s the neighborhood druggie Crackhead Carl;
stumbling down the street with his crackhead snarl.
You were gonna tell me, how wonderful it is to be black when I’m older?

Wonderful? That’s a crock! I hate my life and I smell like Satan’s cock.
Wake up kid!
Take it from me,
And old mutha fuckin G,
Growing up Black this is what you’re gonna see.

Let’s start with school, that would be best,
Where else should you develop your inferiority complex?
In your neighborhood it is so…
that minds like yours are unable to grow.
And because of that fact why should they invest?
In “natural born” prisoners and baby mamas no less.

You are conditioned to be unable and not dare to compete with Asians or Whites;
the permanent underclass is the destiny of your life.
Encouraged to not even try, while attending prison prep high, our children in hell.
Your only two choices: a painful life or jail.

Administrator’s steal school funds…before you start you’re already done.
Young white teachers there to pay off their loans...after five years it’s time to run.
But who better to teach the black youth, then young whites who don’t understand…
When moving out of mommy and daddy’s house is the biggest problem on their hands.

So you’re graduated and it’s off to college and you give all you can give.
You can’t keep up or is that what it is?
Or is it the racist professor, grading unfairly because your theories are better than his?

This is the time when you start to develo...

... middle of paper ...

...ods makes us good….
Just get more stuff, more and more, like and the like.
What a lame worthless life when you are white.

You believe that you’re best because of your talent, perseverance, and drive?
I guess you have never heard of white privilege or the great white lie.
Your parents have sheltered you pumping your head to the brim that you are better than the rest.
It would hurt your little heart to know you are “Google Smart” at best.

And it’s been this way throughout the ages,
I can go on about crackers, honkeys, white bread, pale face…but I don’t have enough pages.
Listen kid I’m jonezing for some delicious crack,
and I can’t stay all day,
I must get on with that.

You’ve been force fed lies, it was my responsibility to tell you what’s true.
Just always remember:

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