Why Should Purchase Products From Corporations I Know Are Unethical Essay

Why Should Purchase Products From Corporations I Know Are Unethical Essay

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Second Reflection Paper
A moral dilemma I confront in my life is whether I should purchase products from corporations I know are unethical. For instance, I buy Apple products because they are convenient and easy to use. Furthermore, smartphones and laptops serve almost as necessities for a college student in 2016. However, I read articles exposing Apple’s corrupt practices. BBC Panorama investigated a factory in China that produces Apple electronics and revealed Apple as a company that overworks and neglects their employees (Bilton). I will use Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics to analyze my moral dilemma from Aristotle’s perspective.
Concerning the ambiguity of my dilemma, Aristotle asserts that ethics is not a precise study. He notes in Nicomachean Ethics that “perfect precision about [ethics] would be more appropriate to another branch of philosophy,” and that what is best for one person may not be the best for another (Aristotle 4). Therefore, my moral dilemma can only be analyzed in the form of a outline unless applied to me as an individual. Aristotle maintains that concerning the...

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