Why Should Buying Brand New Computers

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Animators Anonymous is due for an upgrade in their computers, as it has been years since their technology was refreshed. When asked to choose upgrades for the Animators Anonymous, right away I knew that our priority would be the best graphics for the animators. There are only 25 animators and a large budget, so I knew there would be room to allow them to have the best technology available. And seeing as their field is in art, it 's only appropriate that they have the best technology to produce the best art. I believe buying brand new computers is certainly in order, seeing as how other departments could also benefit from getting the animators’ old computers. I believe the currents parts that the animators have are not sufficient for professionals in an artistic field. As of today, they have Intel I5, 4 gig of DDR3 system memory, 2 NVIDIA 9800GT Video Cards in SLI mode, 500 GB SATA 1.5 hard drives, 19” LCD, DVD optical drives, and Gigabit Network Cards. We have a $40,000 budget and 25 animators in dire need of new equipment. If the budget is split between the staff members, we can afford to spend about $1600 on each animator. This should be sufficient to buy an entire new system with higher quality visuals for each animator, while being able to save on DVD drives and hard drive space. Time if of the essence in this upgrade, so we want computers that can be easily set up by the company’s IT department. The first thing that I am going to look into are good monitors and video cards for the animators. My top priority is to give them the best visual quality above anything else. And you cannot have a good video card with a bad monitor, or it would be pointless. So I would be willing to spend a good chunk of our budget on the monitors ... ... middle of paper ... ...se. There is no need to rebuy any of the software the company uses because we can always download the software onto the new computer if we have an active subscription. After adding all these parts into my cart we end up with about $400 excess per computer. That totals up to about $11000 excess money after the upgrades. This is great because if we find that some part don’t work as well as planned, or if we want to add another video card or RAM stick, we have the money. Or, we could offer an incentive for the employee of the month; a dual monitor system. Plus, if we decide to employ more animators we would have enough money to set up nine more employees. The excess money is a resource for future technology or upgrade needs. I believe that I have made the right decisions in the upgrades and that my ideas offer a future of upgradability for the company as it expands.

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