Why Schools Should Teach Either, Evolution Or Creation? Essay

Why Schools Should Teach Either, Evolution Or Creation? Essay

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There have been many arguments in the past about whether schools should teach either, Evolution or Creation. Now the main problem right now in the public schools and even some private schools is that they are only teaching Evolution and not Creation, which maybe isn’t cool with any of these kids parents because they maybe want their children learning not just one theory of how we was born but the other side of the story that mostly no child is hearing yet. So because of this kid in public and private schools are believing one theory, and that is Evolution - which is a theory saying “All humans or even any living organisms has come from other organisms or has evolved from it in a more advanced way.” Basically what that was saying is that when the dinosaurs and other organisms were here they created a different type of species from their DNA evolving to further organisms like different type of birds, even saying humans came from just that one little thing. That’s a little cuckoo because how can a whole string of other organisms come from a single thing? But on the other hand it kind of does make sense, because some of the organisms actually look like some others or has characteristics like some animals, insects, and etc.. But the thing about it is “Evolution which is a theory has never and probably won’t be proved scientifically” (Morris 1). Is that how can the theory be actually true if it haven’t exactly been shown or proved to it’s not that easy to believe it really. But as the paragraph says there’s some things that do point to Evolution being real, but until it’s proven not really going to believe it.

As the theory about Evolution was developing another theory came into place, the theory about creation, this the...

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...erally just going over the top to make sure that Creation is not taught in both public and private schools. “The boundary between science and religion was drawn to exclude Creation scientists from the profession”. This is telling us is that even in religion and everything they are still not trying to include Creation into the discussion in the classroom because they are being ridiculous with because knowing both the knowledge of Creation and Evolution is very important in their (The Students) very important choice as they are going through their life and without this knowledge they are just lost and only knowing one theory isn’t fair at at all to them , or the teachers having to teach them that is probably not even a believer in that theory but the main point of this is just to tell how they should put both theories Evolution and Creation in the teachers (Beuins 1).

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