Why Schools Should Have Their Own Educational Constructivist Approach Essay

Why Schools Should Have Their Own Educational Constructivist Approach Essay

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Katie Finley
Journal 3
While reading the Windschitl & Hirsch articles, I felt both informed and interested on the different positions on the main question. The main question asks about if schools should have their own educational constructivist approach. The article written by Windschitl agrees having an educational constructivist approach, while Hirsch on the other hand disagrees. Each other others did a wonderful job on elaborating their positions on the point, and provided excellent examples, and great detail. Each of these articles exhibited both similarities and differences regarding the main question.
One of the similarities, which both Windschitl and Hirsch share is about there are challenges that exist in an educational constructivist approach. One example of this would be where Windschitl, even though he agrees there should be a constructivist approach in schools, states how there are both Political Challenges and Logistical Challenges that do exist with this approach. But, Windschitl states, “ But articulating these challenges is a significant step in helping educators create and sustain a classroom culture that values diversity in learning and offers a new vision of the roles of teachers and learners – the culture of constructivism ,( Windschitl, 1999, pg 157).” Hirsch recognizes the challenges in this approach and previous approaches too, by stating, “Political liberals really ought to oppose progressive educational ideas, because they have led to practical failure and greater social inequity, (Hirsch, 1996, pg 159).” There is always going to be positive and negative aspects of both current and previous approaches, but as long as there is recognition and the will to work on the negatives any approach co...

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...ssive understanding process and the people surrounding the child play such a crucial role in their learning process. Children learn best through interactions, and this statement helped me to confirm that the teacher’s support does play such a crucial role in a child’s understanding of learning material.
The 2 articles written by Windschitl and Hirsch were also fascinating and informative. These articles helped me to grow in my understanding of what and how to implement a constructive approach in a classroom and how there are both positive and negative aspects of how to go about it. Also, the research that Hirsh displayed in his article really helped broaden my understanding of why he is against having a constructive approach to education in schools. Both of these articles and textbook readings, helped to broaden and grow my understanding of the subject material.

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