Why Schools Are Failing Our Boys Essay

Why Schools Are Failing Our Boys Essay

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In the Washington post the essay “Why Schools Are Failing Our Boys” relates to the study of the “boy problem” Fink’s concern is that boys have a harder time in school causing them to drop out or not to go on to college. I agree with Fink’s concern because of the mistreatment of genders and the pressure put on students as a whole. Based on class readings it has been illustrated that throughout history boys felt as though school made them feel less masculine. From what I have personally seen in school, boys are constantly being told to “man up”. I feel as though boys are expected to act a certain way and all students are expected to conform to a certain type of learning. Fink’s truthful experience through her son is an accurate model on how American school systems are failing boys.
In the article mother Jennifer Fink explains how there is too many rules and restrictions at school causing problems for her eight-year-old son. He gets emails from his teacher that he does not cooperate, but at home he is not a troublesome child. Her son just wants to play and explore like children naturally want to do. He is being suppressed in his classroom resulting in stress. Fink continues to say that in previous generations children learned by doing and her son needs that kind physical experience to help him learn. The article states how girls are doing better than boys because we are failing our boys.
Since the 1900’s the “boy problem” has been around resulting in a hate for school by males. Reading Tyack and Hanson’s piece it is stated that more males dropouts than females. In the past, boys saw that school was not a place for boys and they went out and sought for jobs. Boys felt as though there were aspects not important enough to learn. These...

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...ld not be made into a big issue for those students who do. For example, if a female student is capable of playing on the men’s basketball team then she should be able to. If the woman understands the safety issues that can arise but still wants to play on the men’s team she should be able to. As long as all the players are safe and can play the game fairly then there should not be a problem. If teams are gender segregated then all teams should be treated the same in schools. All teams should be equally funded and paid attention to. One sport should not get more attention just because it is a male dominated sport. One important concept to keep in mind is that schools should not discourage student because of their gender. All students in sports should be encouraged to apart of a team and no students should feel threatened to play on a team because of their gender.

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