Why School Should Start School Later Essay

Why School Should Start School Later Essay

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Billy’s alarm clock starts blaring at six in the morning, he slams on the snooze button and falls back asleep. This continues until it’s seven o’clock when he realizes he’s going to be late for the bus. He slowly gets out of bed, with his eyes still closed, putting on the first outfit on the floor, he grabs a breakfast bar, and gets on the bus to go to school. Billy like all of us, wakes up feeling tired and slow, just wanting to sleep at little more after spending all night doing homework and other activities. Kids in the U.S. have this same struggle every morning, we need more sleep. Our schools and parents expect us to shoot out of bed and get dressed and ready at six in the morning, but we physically can’t. We stay up doing homework after we are done with an after school activity, whether it’s a sport, the band, or a club. High schools in the U.S. should start school later because the students lack appropriate amounts of sleep, teenagers learn better later in the day, and their parents work more.
In high school we get the most homework and out of school work we have ever gotten before. Also, many of us students do after school activities almost every day. These both take up much of our time outside of school. At home we need to be able to socialize with our families and take time for ourselves and get a good night of sleep. Sleep is so important to our age group, we are growing and maturing young adults and sleep is a necessity. But, many of us are struggling to get the healthy amount of sleep that we need. According to Ruthann Richter, “more than 87 percent of high school students in the United States get far less than the recommended eight to 10 hours, and the amount of time they sleep is decreasing—a serious threat...

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... my life and I found it nearly impossible to get a healthy full night of sleep after homework, practice, shower, and spending time with the family (basically only dinner). By the time I was done with my night I had to be up in about 4-6 hours. Not getting appropriate amounts of sleep affects your grades and overall your own self. Teenagers learn better later on in the day, around 9am and 10am and beyond. Our minds are awake around that time therefore we retain information better. Lastly, it is possible that the primary schools could switch with the high school’s time due to the fact that parents are working more than in the past and can’t afford to be late. Coming to college has made waking up earlier since I can choose my schedule and times, but, in high school we didn’t’ have that choice and it hurt me in the end. I 100% believe that high school should start later.

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