Essay about Why School Leadership Is Strong Push And Pull Factor

Essay about Why School Leadership Is Strong Push And Pull Factor

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Ladd (2011) uncovered in her often-cited study of factors predictive of turnover by North Carolina teachers that school leadership demonstrated a statistically significant relationship with teacher turnover. Specifically, her data revealed that in elementary and middle school levels, weak leadership predicted teachers’ decisions to migrate to another school while at the high school level and predicted teachers’ desire to leave teaching altogether. School leadership is itself strong push and pull factor.
The Principal Factor
Teachers make decisions to stay or leave based on a variety of factors. Leading these factors is the principal (Ingersoll, 2001; Boyd et al., 2011; Johnson et al., 2011; Thibodeaux, 2015).
Kraft and Marinell (2016) concluded from their analysis of data obtained from the New York City Department of Education, including student assessment, school administration, human resource data, and teachers’ responses to an annual DOE school survey, that leadership has a “moderate negative correlation with teacher turnover” (p. 15); the stronger the leadership, the less likely a teacher will migrate or leave. Components of effective principal leadership derived from their four sources of data included articulation of a clear vision, communication, effective management, support for teachers, time for collaboration, and feedback on instruction (Kraft & Marinell, 2016). This study, like that of Boyd et al. (2010); Kraft and Marinell (2016); and Boyd et al. (2011) was derived data from New York City schools and teachers. Though informative, New York City is not representative of most Indiana school corporations; further research is needed to learn about leadership and working conditions in Indiana schools.
Other factors o...

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...t teachers’ differentiated instruction, and noting successes in DI on evaluations.
Feedback. Hattie (2009) explained that the high effect size (d = .73) of feedback results from the feedback teachers receive from others about “aspects of one’s performance or understanding” (p. 174).
Indiana’s RISE principal effectiveness rubric provides insight into what the state deems important in the work of the principal: increasing student growth and achievement through principal leadership. A key way the state believes principals can grow student achievement is through teacher feedback; the rubric states effective principals provide “prompt and actionable feedback to teachers aimed at improving student outcomes based on observations and student performance data” (p. 8). Further, a highly effective principal will continuously monitor the results of this feedback (RISE, 2012).

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