Essay on Why Resistance Training Is The Only Intervention

Essay on Why Resistance Training Is The Only Intervention

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A similar test was done in a group of sedentary adults. The study involved a randomized control trial where resistance training was the only intervention. The participants were considered sedentary based off their activities throughout their lifestyle, and these participants were free of any disease that could affect the results of the blood pressure. Some of the participants were asked to do standardized workouts based off what they thought would help them while the other group was told to specifically do resistance training for a minimum of 3 days per week. This study was based off a subject group consisting of 341 participants with a standard protocol being used to help with acquiring information based off what the test subjects are getting out of the exercises. The results yielded an average of 3.2% decrease in blood pressure in those doing what they considered to be healthy while an average of 6.0% decrease in blood pressure was noted in those who performed resistance training for a minimum of 3 days per week. In conclusion, a sedentary lifestyle could have an impact on your blood pressure. Also, activity in itself, can help lower overall blood pressure but resistance training can help lower blood pressure even more. Resistance training could potentially become part of the non-pharmacological intervention strategies to help in the prevention of high blood pressure (Cornelissen, 2005).
Several epidemiological studies have yet to observe independent connections between physical activity and blood pressure. Some have concluded that blood pressure has a tendency to be lower in individuals who are more fit and more active, however, longitudinal intervention studies are more appropriate for assessing the effects of physical activi...

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...Fagard stated in his entry in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, blood pressure will increase with age due to progressive arterial stiffening (Fagard, 2005).
At this point, I think the question that needs to be considered and potentially looked into further is resistance training on already pre-diagnosed hypertensive patients. A lot of these studies didn’t say much about nutrition or if they were using any supplement of any kind to aid along with their training. Stimulants can all have different effects on the body and caffeine can increase the heart rate and if someone has atherosclerosis, then their blood pressure is liable to rise as well. Some more extensive research could be done with different variables based on intake of food and supplementation while also choosing to specifically take on pre-diagnosed hypertensive patients.

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