Why Ratio Are An Integral Part Of Each One Of Different Activities And Ratios Tie These Activities Together

Why Ratio Are An Integral Part Of Each One Of Different Activities And Ratios Tie These Activities Together

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Ratios are an integral part of each one of these activities and and ratios tie these activities together. In Dalton’s Playhouse the students were introduced to the use of ratios in chemical formulas by determining proportions of elements in a decomposition reaction. This led into the reaction of mossy zinc with hydrochloric acid by using the same knowledge base but in a new context, a single replacement reaction instead of a decomposition. In this activity the students had to use their own data to come up with their ratio for the product, zinc chloride. Student B’s was incorrect because of water weight but Student A’s was correct. Need more on this. The last activity used the ratios from a balanced equation to determine the amount of s’mores they could make given a fixed amount of supplies. The students had to use ratios to determine the amount of chocolate and graham cracker they needed if they had 454 grams of marshmallow. All of these activities used the students’ previous knowledge of ratios to build upon.
I provided context for the students by connecting the material with math (always), food (usually), and money (sometimes). When designing activities I try to think about how the students in my class will relate to the material. I need to determine what is important to them that will add relevancy to the concepts. Ratios tie into so many aspects of their lives and my content. For these activities I started with water. Everyone knows the formula for water is H2O but what does that really mean? In Dalton’s Playhouse, the students discovered that meant two hydrogen to one oxygen using Lavoisier’s experiment. The simulator allowed them to see the decomposition of an unknown substance into two parts, one flask filling at a differ...

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...the process is was incorrect, then I knew they were missing some crucial connection. In Dalton’s Playhouse, all misconceptions were aired during the class discussion so there was no need for further feedback. However, in the zinc chloride lab, the students showed a process that could have led to a misunderstanding, so that activity was clearer with regards to depth of student understanding. Jackson clearly held a misconception as evidenced by the lab sheet he turned in; other students held the same misconception and a class discussion resulted to allow students to reason through their answers and come to the correct conclusion. The s’mores lab led into a real chemistry problem that the students worked first individually, then in small groups and finally as a class in front of the white board. This was followed by another class discussion to clarify any small problems.

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