Why Psychology Should Be Considered Science Is Meaningless Essay

Why Psychology Should Be Considered Science Is Meaningless Essay

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Psychology penetrates nearly every aspect of modern life. Psychological research dating back to the times of René Descartes has indicated a correlation between the body and the mind. These things are of specific significance in their contribution to the human experience. Debating whether or not psychology should be considered science is meaningless. Psychology’s place on the colonization board should not hinge on that principle. The author operationally defines science as an area of study acknowledging the scientific method in its application. It is a method-- not a discipline or a property. Furthermore, knowledge is not validated by its status as a science. Advancements and theories of non-sciences can be just as resourceful as those of scientific nature. Psychology benefits society and overall improves human life. It could make a significant contribution to the colonization board.
Colonization comes with powerful trials on the human flesh and spirit. This prospect is not new to the world let alone America, a country founded on colonization. This new planet can potentially present unforeseen trials that require every advantage to be utilized in the establishment of a society that could incline conditions to the project’s favor. Admittedly, the board was created with the intention of preparedness, but it is realistic to assume that there will still be margin for a degree of unpreparedness as was seen in the disaster of the Jamestown colony in the 1600s. Merely the trauma of transporting earthly citizens to a new planet will make the presence of a psychologist necessary. If the circumstance arises that provisions are struggling to sustain human life, psychological help may be prompted in order to prevent grief from overwhelming t...

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...nsible for giving citizens the tools required to move past uncertainties. Including a psychological professional on the team of scientists whose work entails ensuring the safety and security of a particular group of people is the clear choice as mental status is a vital part of any person.
Psychology undeniably improves the everyday lives of people. Its benefits go beyond but include the collection of data and performing studies. It is able to add depth to the knowledge within the psychological and scientific community as a whole. Psychology also helps the individual to confront and survive mental disorders or to overcome difficulties on personal or interpersonal levels. Whether or not psychology is considered scientific in the eyes of other professionals is entirely besides the point in considering psychology’s relevance to the international colonization board.

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