Why Psychology Is The Scientific Study Of The Human Mind And Its Functions

Why Psychology Is The Scientific Study Of The Human Mind And Its Functions

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Though there are many things I want to study and learn about. Since my mind is constantly changing, always wanting to go from one thing to the next, I decided to use it to my advantage. Having an open mind taught me that looking at all your options is always a good choice. Being that I want to be so many things, I decided to choose something that has been intriguing me lately. One reason I chose this field to study is because the human mind is capable of amazing things and psychology gives me more of a chance to learn about it. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, like seeing how one behaves in context.
The first steps to become a psychologist is the first get your bachelor’s degree to gain insight on the fundamentals of psychology. This degree takes four to five years to earn. After that, you go on to attaining your master 's degree. This will give you even more insight into psychology. More like a broad overview. You can stop at a master’s degree and go into the field of your choosing. Many with this degree go for positions in education, human services, government, and health/mental health care. This degree takes two to three years to attain. Now a doctoral degree focuses on two types and PhD and a PsyD. A PsyD focuses more on the practice and clinical work. Not only that but it prepares you for a career on practicing psychology. While a PhD places more emphasis on experimental methods and research, it makes psychologists more capable of understanding and applying research while at the same time conducting it.
There are also many different branches within psychology. Some examples are affective science, cognitive, developmental, social and forensic. Affective science is the type that studies t...

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...whatever department I choose. I know this for sure, biology is something that will deal with psychology either way. It’s something that is not escapable. So whatever way I go, if I do make the decision to get a doctoral degree, science will be there along the way. Even when I earn my degree, whichever one that may be, science will always be apart of the career. School or not, biology might as well become a gigantic part of my life when I become a psychologist. There might even be a time where I don’t know what to do with my degree anymore in the particular field that I am in. Because psychology has such a diverse path of careers, I could go from working at a government agency to starting my own private practice. That is a positive effect to this career path, if I choose to change my mind last minute for any job, it’ll be okay since this field is so diverse with jobs.

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