Essay about Why Procrastinators Procrastinate By Tim Urban Procrastination

Essay about Why Procrastinators Procrastinate By Tim Urban Procrastination

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The world is filled with billions of people. Each one of them being unique in their own way none of them are the same. Although they are all different there is a unique characteristic that they all share or in other words have in commun. what is amazing about it is that they don 't even notice it. right now you might be thinking to yourself what exactly is that characteristic that makes us humans similar to one another in a way? Well you see no matter what race, culture ethnicity, skin color, or even the language you speak, we are all “procrastinators”. Yes including myself I am also a procrastinator and procrastination is on my everyday life which has a huge impact on it. Being a procrastinator however, it 's never a good thing and it can turn your life for the worts. Well that 's if you let it.

So what exactly is procrastination? And what makes us a procrastinator? According to the article from wait but why “Why procrastinators procrastinate” by Tim Urban procrastination is “the action of delaying or postponing something and these actions are the key to being a procrastinator. Urbans article on procrastination is actually very influential on the subject and helps us get a better and deeper meaning on what procrastination really is. As I mentioned earlier i am also a procrastinator and i had never realized it before reading Urban’s article and oh boy was i impressed. As i read the article “why procrastinators procrastinate” by Urban I felt a huge connection to the article almost as if it was talking about myself. Just like urban i also tend to wander off and create or use any excuse to set assignments aside and leaving them for later. This is something that i had never payed attention to however, it has always had an impact on...

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...uld start getting things done on time. As time passed I learned that what urban says in his article about procrastinators “procrastination isn’t optional—it’s something they don’t know how to not do.’was very true. I couldn 't stop procrastinating and my GPA dropped making not eligible to graduate with honors and for a long time I was filled with self-hatred and sad at the same time. Once again I was being hold back from my goals all because of my choices of procrastination.
Procrastination is something we all live with and no one know how not to do. Personally it has impacted me in my life multiple times and hold me back from doing and achieving things that are important to me. Procrastination can ruin your life if you let it however, you can always change little by little and make sure that procrastination isn 't holding you back from anything. Like it did to me.

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