Essay about Why Poor People Are More Generous Than The Rich

Essay about Why Poor People Are More Generous Than The Rich

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Why Poor People Are More Generous Than The Rich
An anonymous article published by the online newspaper, The Economist, explains the revolutionary experiments conducted by Paul Piff and makes the unconventional statement that it is the poor, not the rich, who are inclined to charity. The thought of poor people being more generous than the rich is something that wouldn’t make sense to most. Some may ask themselves, “Why would someone who has “less,” give more?” But this question is one that I have never had to ask myself. I come from a single-parent, lower-middle class household in one of the poorest sides of San Antonio, Texas, and I have been collecting direct evidence on why Paul Piff is right for my entire life, before I had even read about his experiments; the less you have, the more you give and, “empathy and compassion are the key ingredients.”
At the beginning of the experiments, the participants were purposely mislead and told to engage in activities that were really changing their impression of the purpose of the research. Then, they were given 10 credits and were told to choose to give away their credits to their partners from the bogus activities. Weeks before the game was conducted people were asked to rank themselves on a ladder of people of different education, income, and occupational status. The result of this experiment showed that kindness and generosity increased as participants’ assessment of their own social status fell. Piffs observations are consistent with the national survey results showing that lower-income people donate a greater percentage of their salary to charity than upper-income do. A second experiment expanded on this finding, suggesting that there’s something about the particular psychological ...

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...y people, but as a whole, the wealthy generally give less than the poor. Some give out of the kindness of their heart, but some give out of vanity, guilt, tax breaks, and some even give out of conviction that their success in business makes them equivalently expert in solving the planet 's problems. The rich simply give to feel better about themselves, keep up with the Jones’, and “satisfy the needs of white people and Oprah.” This can be directly tied back into The White-Savior Industrial Complex. “The White Savior Industrial Complex is not about justice. It is about having a big emotional experience that validates privilege,” says Teju Cole in the article, The White-Savior Industrial Complex. It is this point that makes the claim that rich people give more insignificant because their overall drive is self-motivated, rather than motivated by compassion and empathy.

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