Why Police Officer Perceive Themselves As True Outsiders Essay

Why Police Officer Perceive Themselves As True Outsiders Essay

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) Why do police officer perceive themselves as true outsiders, especially after many years on the job?
There of plenty of reasons why officers perceive themselves as true outsiders. One main factor has to do it the experience and perception of danger in these communities. Senior officers create memories of their experiences after a few years of duty that leaves a psychological scar that stick with them forever. This is the main reason they refer to themselves as true outsiders from the community that they serve (Haberfeld et al.2014, pg.200).
2) What are some of the mechanisms involved in the transmission of police culture and subcultures from one generation to the next, and what are some examples of how these manifest in on the job encounters?
As stated in The Pillar of Democracy”, by Haberfeld M.R. (MAKI), Charles Lieberman and Amber Horning (pg.201), the way culture evolves depends on the individual persons. Police cultural is a set behavioral patterns passed on by the members of the teams to the new members and such patterns of behavioral pattern stay long after the retirement or departure of the one who originated the behaviors.
Organic and Supra-Organic- the police profession manifest in the way that officers perceive and respond to various situations and interact with members of the public (pg.201).
Overt and Covert- Police culture and subculture remains as an adaptation process by all members of the police department (pg.202).

3) How does group-think influence police officer’ rationalizations for some behaviors?
The term group-think happens once a group of people strives for agreement. In several cases, folks will set aside their personal beliefs or adopt the opinion of the rest of the group. Group-think influences pol...

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...nt dangers of policing, would they be less likely to judge an officer’s use of deadly physical force?
There is definitely the need for the public to understand the inherent dangers of policing. By educating minorities, the dangers police officers deal with on these streets will likely aid in reducing the negative behaviors of said minorities when interacting with law enforcement thereby reducing the use of deadly physical force. Citizens accept an accurate apprehension of cops; they expect officers to be heroes in any situation, however when the force is being employed against them they act negatively. Officers can never completely please general public so the true way to tackle the use of force will require building a healthy relationship between the police and the general public. By doing so, this will diminish the prospect using deadly physical force at all.

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