Why Pharmacy Is An Essential Part Of Our Pharmacy Essay

Why Pharmacy Is An Essential Part Of Our Pharmacy Essay

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ECVS is a retail pharmacy that recognizes that compounding is an essential part of our pharmacy. We ensure that all our customers understand that compounding vitamins are made from individual ingredients that are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage that is required by the patient. This method allows the compounding pharmacist to work with the patient and the physician to customize a supplement to meet the customer’s specific needs” (Julie English, 2013).
ECVS is brick and mortar as well as an online business. The retail pharmacy is located in a busy area of Philadelphia, PA, which is in the area with two hospitals, a health clinic and several physician offices. ECVS will be able to draw most of its customers from the patients and people who visit the hospital, health clinic and physician offices. The parking lot of the pharmacy is accessible from the main street and wraps around the building. ECVS pharmacy’s physical appearance attracts customers from other communities as well. The parking lot will allow 60 customers to conveniently park. There is also a drive thru window that makes pick-up convenient. The entrance of the store is also well lit with custom store signs and with automatic door entry. The pharmacy layout is open and welcoming with white or gray walls and large overhead lighting. The shelves are made of wood and glass which allows other products to be easy seen by customers. ECVS’s online website allows customers to request prescription refills, transfer refills, seek health answers and shop for other vitamins and supplements that may be available without a prescription.
The pharmacy employees consist of a supervising pharmacist, compounding pharmacist, two compounding lab technicians, a general manager,...

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...vices through pharmacy innovation. Our product mix consist of offers a wide selection of basic vitamins, professional pharmaceutical grade brands of vitamins and supplements which are commonly available only through a physician. Our products are in compliant with the GMP guidelines and are all natural or organic.
ECVS also offers a variety of services for our customers, starting with our ability to make everything as convenient as possible. We offer shipping to home and/or delivery of prescription supplements to the customer physicians’ office for pick-up. ECVS offers free shipping for all orders over $150.00. The shipping carriers will be UPS and the US postal service. We also handle verifying insurance benefits and accept all major insurance plans. We handle paperwork, provide counseling and talk to customers about vitamin dosage and prepare special formulations.

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