Why People Use or Take Advantage of Other People? Essay example

Why People Use or Take Advantage of Other People? Essay example

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Why people use or take advantages of other people? What is the purpose of using

people ? The reason why is that it is in our nature. The purpose of using people is that

to benefit from them or to crush their personalities. Being used by others have affected

me. Some people used me for money or to buy alcohol, but I did get out from those

problems by saying no and sorry I can not buy you alcohol. When my parents use me

as male, I just listen to them and obey them. In my culture, people treat genders in

deferent ways. My parents treat females or my sisters different than boys in the family.

My parents differentiate me from my sisters in birthdays, chores, and financials.

First, Birthdays are very important event in people life’s , but for me it was not

because my father believed birthdays are only for women. For example , I told my father

about my birthday when I was ten years old and he said “ go to your room and study “,

so I was frustrated . When my sister birthday comes, all my family members bring gifts

and we do a small party for her. Also, I a...

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