Why People Sit Down And Reflect On Their Lives Essay

Why People Sit Down And Reflect On Their Lives Essay

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When people sit down and reflect on their lives, they look at the things that they’ve achieve and the things that they wanted to achieve, but didn’t get to. Most of the times when people sit down and reflect on their lives they consider themselves to be successful or to be a failure; there really isn’t any in between. There are a lot of things that people take into consideration when they analyze their lives and how they’ve succeeded at doing the things they truly wanted to. One of the most important things that I think most people take into consideration when analyzing their lives is whether or not they were successful in the workforce, growing up in the type of society that we have and have had, we are taught that the things you have matter. This means that we are always looking at the things we own, or can all ours, and comparing them with the things that people around us have. Our society has been focused more on what someone has, rather than who that someone is for too long. We’ve lost touch in what’s important in life, instead we focus on the things that we want to own, rather that the things that we can’t own, but are blessed to have. We spend our lives working towards things that don’t truly matter in the end; wasting our time on things that shouldn’t be worked towards. Some people work their entire lives focusing on the things that don’t matter, allowing their lives to go to waste. The amount of time that is spent getting towards those useless things could have been and can be spent working towards things that truly matter. For example, some of the most important things in our lives is our family, friends, and how we live our lives. There are some of us who go through life working towards stupid things, for them it’s hard...

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...in killer or anything to try and reduce it from your system, it would be almost unbearable. This is the pain that Ivan is experiencing in this book, the only thing that can sooth the pain is having his feet elevates, but even then the pain is too much. The first reason that he lets out that unforgettable howl is because he is in so much pain that he can’t bear it anymore. When humans experience indescribable amounts of pain, one of two things happens. First, you go unconscious from too much pain, or second you scream at the top of your lungs. There’s something about letting out a good roar when in pain that makes us as humans feel better. The same can be said about crying, if you are in extreme pain, you tend to cry, it makes us feel better. The simplest reason that the howl was released from Ivan is because the pain was too much and he needed some way of bearing it.

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