Essay Why People Should Tolerate Others

Essay Why People Should Tolerate Others

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I think I have improved on thinking ideas and clarifying the argument in the Boss One. In this essay, I have imitated Aristotle, which is similar to copy pictures. I imitated Aristotle and followed the structure of Aristotelian Courage. As he wrote the Courage, I stated “Tolerance” in my essay. I defined tolerance first and wrote the reasons of why people should tolerate others. I mentioned and explained two extremes, permissiveness and criticism, and I found that tolerance is the most suitable position. Then, like Aristotle’s Chapter Eight, I wrote five counter examples, including the custom of obedience, indifference, fear and compulsion, spoil and forgiveness. The last part of my essay is about the risks of tolerance. Like Aristotle’s essay, I use the third person to say and provide several common examples to explain ideas. I think I write this essay formally. I imitate some sentences’ structure as Aristotle’s. I have made my opinion logical and easily understandable. This is similar to picture a figural representation, and all of these things are the direct appearance of a person to the painter. However, the most important thing that I have imitated is explaining the ideas clearly and logically. This is similar to the manner and verve of the figure on the picture. If I want to become Aristotle, I need to clarify my arguments and make my statements logically. For example, when I stated the part of forgiveness, I was confused at first and I only wrote the definition of forgiveness and tolerance to compare them. However, after I got the suggestions from you and my classmates, I added some examples to show that forgiveness is not true tolerance. For example, “people can forgive that their friends destroy toys carelessly, but it is...

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...n is not courageous this time, he is virtuous. However, after that, he loses his virtue and bravery untile he faces the Green Knight’s last strike,” to finish my first paragraph, which shows that Gawain begins with not courage, and to mention that he only becomes courageous at the last strike. In the next paragraph, I started with “comparing Gawain’s sayings before he starts to find the Green Knight with his response to the Green Knight’s first strike, Gawain shows he is a sanguine man.” This sentence shows when Gawain faces the first strike, he is still not truly brave. These two sentences are used to transit form the first paragraph to the second one. However, I need a transition to connect two paragraphs, but the transition is a natural connection between two ideas, which make them develop smoothly, so I cannot add a transition into a paragraph without necessity.

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