Essay on Why People Should Study And Learn Languages

Essay on Why People Should Study And Learn Languages

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No one likes being alone all the time, we all need company and we all like meeting people and learning new things. These are some of the best ways we can enjoy life and all that it throws at us. What better way to meet people than going abroad to study? I tell you, there is no better way. Why do I say that you might ask? Well it’s simple, I did when I was 18 and it has worked out really well. However, there is a catch : you have got to know the language of the country you are going to, so here is the main reason why people should study and learn languages : so they can expand their horizon and acquire more and more knowledge of the world we live in. It has an infinite amount of riches to give to us, if we just ask.
I have been learning languages since I was a little boy in kindergarten, because that is the way we do things in Romania. The important role of languages has been acknowledged here for a long time, ever since French was the “prestige language” in Europe. English was the first language I ever heard and learnt, but this didn’t start in kindergarten. It started with the first VCR cassette tape my father ever bought: rock and roll band Queen’s “Greatest Flix”. I fell in love with the music and the language even though I did not understand it then, since I was only 1 and a half years old. Later on I decided I wanted to know what Freddie Mercury sang about and I went on to study English for a whole 13 years. That is how I got to the level I am at today. Apart from English, I have studied Spanish 11 years, 8 in Romania and 3 in Spain.
Spain provided the area of study which I majored in at my high-school so when I graduated they gave me the chance to a unique scholarship to come and study here. Of course I took the shot and cam...

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...orld peace is friendship, I have no doubt about that; and friendship can be achieved by simply saying “Hi” or “How do you do?” It is as simple as that and it can be done just by learning to speak a language.
So, to sum it up, for me multilingual ability is all about opening paths, creating opportunities and expanding horizons. It is not a modern concept, it has been with us since so very long ago and it is here to stay. It keeps reaching us through teachers, friends, music, sports or movies and it is the way to be! It is the way to go forward to create strong relationships between people and friendships between nations.
My only advice to all you kind people out there reading my humble essay is: grab a book right now, study a foreign language, maybe one you have been passionate about for so long, and feel how easy it is to outdo yourself and reach higher and higher...

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