Why People Naturally Resist Change Essay

Why People Naturally Resist Change Essay

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Why people naturally resist change
Human beings are interesting creatures. This is because, the more they are faced with a factor that is bound to disrupt their normal routine or livelihoods in general, the more they are likely to reject tendencies that are repulsive to this change. This is despite the possibility that, in our lives, we are often exposed to thousands of situations that threaten to alter the status quo. One would think that we would already be used to these possibilities and therefore willing to change with every new external force that blows us to a different direction. Despite it all we remain reluctant (Cooper, Markus, Team, Change, 2012).
One of the main reasons that drive us to resisting change is that we are naturally skeptical of adapting to a new environment. According to Cooper et al. (2012), a new environment comes with it a new set of challenges. Naturally, this is a factor that will force us to think of techniques of surviving in the new situation. Take for example, when an employee on an organization is transferred to a different department, that he...

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