Why People Cross The Bridge Into Gang Hood Essay

Why People Cross The Bridge Into Gang Hood Essay

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Neglect within a community is indirectly fueling gang and criminal activity, so in order to reduce crime, it is crucial that we as a community support each other. Manuel Jaramillo, gang member for over three decades, constructed a list that identifies the root causes of why people cross the bridge into gang-hood: to be in an environment where they get respect, a sense of belonging and association, protection, and love (Jaramillo, 2012, p. 40). The neglect of an unsupportive community causes an absence in these crucial human needs. The lack of such essential qualities, all of which can be provided from the community, will cause people to join groups like gangs that can give them what they are yearning for. In areas of poverty, people are struggling even more than people in areas not in poverty, resulting in an even greater desire for the support and love of a community or family. The greater the need for support, the more drastic things a person is willing to do in order to fulfill those needs, such as joining a gang or taking part in organized crime. Gangs account for about 48% of violent crime, and about 69% of drug distribution crimes are linked with gangs according to (National, 2010, p. 1). The root cause for joining a gang is to fulfill the needs of support and respect, so if the community provided an environment of support and respect in the first place, people would have very little reason to join a gang and partake in organized crime. This can be through simple things such as building or supporting Boys and Girls Clubs of America if there are any in the community. This provides a safe place where children and teens can go afterschool to get school work done or even just play with other children in the community. If they ar...

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...ney and resources to communities, schools, education and afterschool programs is a step the government needs to take. Even though resources may be scarce, these investments will have a much bigger pay out as crime and poverty will decrease. Crime is exceptionally damaging and costly to societies so when crime goes down, the city is left with more money. Community members need to also do their part as they must get involved more, whether its with the police, donating to programs, or just helping a child out in need. Crime and poverty are both inevitable as both are impossible to eradicate and they are connected to one and other. Ending the vicious cycle is an ideal which can never be reached but we should strive for it as by doing so we will begin to extremely reduce both problems. By reducing crime we can reduce poverty and by reducing poverty we can reduce crime.

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