Why Parents Should Their Children : A Rhetorical Critique Essay

Why Parents Should Their Children : A Rhetorical Critique Essay

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Why Parents Should Vaccinate their Children: A Rhetorical Critique
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Public confidence in immunization is critical to sustaining and increasing vaccination coverage rates and preventing outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs)” (para. 1). In recent history, there has been a significant decline in public confidence because of a variety of factors, such as vaccination does not always mean immunization, vaccines expose children to toxins, and children can build immunity naturally. The number of parents who are choosing not to vaccinate their children is growing yearly because there are certain exemptions that parents can claim, even if the vaccine is mandatory in their state. Parents can choose to claim religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions, so their children will not receive certain vaccinations. This, in turn, is causing controversy over whether vaccinations should be mandatory without parents being able to claim exceptions. However, this would not be necessary if parents would simply agree to vaccinations voluntarily.
In the article, “Open letter to parents: Why you should vaccinate your children”, Kelly Wallace argued that parents should vaccinate their children for a variety of reasons. Her first reason was, the link between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism was discredited. According to Wallace, many parents refuse to vaccinate their children because they believe there is still a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, even though this theory has been proven false. The second reason Wallace discussed was that it is better for children to get a vaccine rather than a disease because by not vaccinating their children, parents ...

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...e used professional opinions throughout the article, but Wallace could have added more evidence from accredited agencies on why parents should vaccinate their children.
The focus of Wallace’s article was to convince parents to vaccinate their children, and even though she did not provide a variety of evidence, Wallace did effectively incorporate professional opinions and induce feelings of compassion. Wallace may have fallen short of persuading readers to vaccinate their children, but recently this has been a very controversial topic. In order to make this a better article, more facts and statistics should have been used to reveal how large of an issue this really is. Overall, Wallace did a nice job of presenting her argument on why parents should vaccinate their children, but in order to make a larger impact different types of resources and references are needed.

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