Why Parents Should Attend Parenting Classes Essay

Why Parents Should Attend Parenting Classes Essay

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Parenting is one of the most challenging tasks in the world. Unfortunately, more and more parents are opting for the easy way out and not prompting healthy development in their children. This is why parents should attend parenting classes, many parents don’t know how to take care of their children. Parents sometimes get so frustrated with their children that they don’t see any way out of it so they murder or they hurt them, their children. If there were a law that made you go to a parenting class before you even had children most people would think before having children. Not only that, but lots of child abuse wouldn’t exist and also the murdering of children.
People believe that hitting their children is the way to correct their child, but they don’t imagine the mistake they are making by making the choice to hurt them. Some parents hurt their children verbally, mentally and physically. They don’t understand they these children need to be felt safe not get hurt by the persons that tell them they love them. Children get confused when you tell them one day you love them and the other they get beat up by their parents.
A child is always to be cared for, if you can’t handle a child then why have a child. This is why many children get taken away from their parents, mostly when a child attends school and a teacher sees this child come to class all beaten up. Schools take their job really serious if they see a child come to school 3 days straight with bruises they immediately ask questions to the child. If they get enough evidence they will call the Child Protective Services.
When the CPS comes into action the child gets questioned, and also the parents if they find enough evidence they are in their right to take their child away fr...

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...ord the things that are necessary for a child.
This isn’t all about children teenagers also get hurt, since they feel mature they decide to stay quiet. Approximately 1,500 teenagers will attempt suicide in the next twenty four hours. In addition more than 2,800 teenage girls will become pregnant in the next twenty four hours. As well 25% of sexually active teens become infected with STD every year. Furthermore 15,000 teenagers use drugs for the first time, every single day. Besides 3,500 teenagers run away from home every day.
How different would our world be if parents took action and started caring for these children and teens? Everything would be so different lots of statics would lower by a lot. Their wouldn’t be violence the world would be a better place if they would make parents go to a parenting class. Parents would understand what is good and what is wrong.

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