Why Organizations Really Need a Web-Based Self-Service Password Reset Tool?

Why Organizations Really Need a Web-Based Self-Service Password Reset Tool?

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Password policies are created in an organization to strengthen the security; however, the situation turns turtle when the complaints to reset the password consume much of the time and resources of the IT helpdesk staff. Suppose an organization has implemented some ideal password policies such as the password will be expired after specific number of days, no recent passwords should be used during the reset, an account will be locked out after the specified number of failed login attempts, etc. In turn, the IT staff would receive a heavy number of calls either to unlock the account or to reset the password as the users had forgotten their correct password and/or their account had been locked because of unsuccessful logon attempts. Such a huge number of complaints just for password reset or account unlock can create a bottleneck for the IT staff and thus refrain them from focusing on the other important issues like tracking intrusion detection or encountering the hacker’s attempt.
Consider a situation that a hacker had attacked an organization with brute force algorithm combined with a ...

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