Essay about Why Organization Is Effective For Effective Communication

Essay about Why Organization Is Effective For Effective Communication

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If the organization is effective in communicating then the employees are aware and they are able to consciously decide how to feel and act, based on facts.
Minter (2010) stated that there are seven competencies in communication that should be audited periodically to assess communication health, they include: Influence, feedback effectiveness, permissiveness, responsiveness, interdependence, reward for communicating, and trust (p. 109). The article discussed organizational communication audits that companies can use to ensure that healthy communication is ongoing. The seven competencies listed in the article are some of the essential skills, which if acquired, could allow everyone within the company to engage in effective communication. Feedback is an immediate way to analyze how effective the communication is within the company. If employees are uncomfortable responding that could show that they do not feel the environment is safe for them to voice their opinion. Leaders have to reassure and encourage feedback from employees so that they can used that information to better the company.
An effective way to address communication issues within an organization is to create a safe environment where employees feel safe in speaking without fear of repercussion. As a consultant it would also be effective to introduce modes of open communication such as routine town hall meetings that the entire company attends. Encouraging feedback from employees on organizational changes or processes could also be a way to open the lines of communication and make them feel more comfortable voicing their opinion. The goal of the consultant is going to be uncovering the underlying issues that a company faces, th...

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...ifferent situations within the organization. The different metrics and forms of data best used to analyze the specific areas mentioned were discussed. Also, the different strategies that would be most effective in handling the different issues within the organization. To understand the most effective way to handle different situations as a consultant, it requires the consultant to be analytical. The consultant must have a full understanding of the problem, be direct and honest with the client, be direct with dealing with issues that arise, and most importantly build the relationship with the client from the very beginning. This may not be an easy process, but a necessary one. As Block (2011) states "The consultant is as much a learner as any client. We in fact are often more changed by our consultation than the client, and this is as it should be." (p. 314).

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