Why Obamacare Should Be Fully Implemented As It Stands Essay

Why Obamacare Should Be Fully Implemented As It Stands Essay

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This article was written by Dr. Marcia Angell, who is currently the Senior Lecturer in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston, and was previously the first woman to serve as editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. Angell has long been a critic of the U.S. healthcare system, and wrote this article criticizing the financial crisis Obamacare introduces to insured and uninsured patients alike. The author argues that Obamacare would unlikely “be fully implemented as it stands.”She argues that many of the uninsured will likely pay the penalty tax instead due to the increase in deductibles and co-payments making insurance people cannot afford to use. Angell proposes that the only way to insure that all Americans can be provided health care is through a single-payer system in which everybody is covered at an affordable price.
It is important to note that this article was written around the time after the U.S. Supreme Court decided to uphold the Affordable Care Act, and reflects the authors view at the time. Overall, Angell provides an outlook on the bill that is objective. She admits that she is a supporter of Obama (which is uncommon among Obamacare critics), but does not believe that the Affordable Care Act is realistic in its practicality for patients. This article is useful when it is used in comparison to my other sources, as it provides an accurate way of describing the bills relationship to current patients.
This article was written by Michael D. Tanner, who is a Cato Institute senior fellow and author of numerous books on public policy. Tanner heads research of domestic policies with an emphasis on health care reform, and social welfare policy. In his article, he...

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...medical insurance and care advice. In addition, the disclosure also states that individuals should seek third party advisors for advice concerning their particular situation.
The author provides sound analytical advice for patients seeking coverage they can afford; however, the disclaimer could raise questions about the accuracy and reliability of the content contained in the article itself. I believe these questions about the article’s content and integrity can be dispelled by reinforcing it with independent sources that back up it’s claims. Overall, Peacock’s advice offers a sound base on which to build my argument that there are ways for patients lacking coverage to obtain it at an affordable cost. Her analytical advice will be important to the conclusion of my research, adding to the list of possibilities for uninsured patients in the U.S. to acquire coverage.

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