Why Nursing Is My Perfect Major

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Why Nursing is my Perfect Major Growing up parents always ask their young kids what they want to be when they grow up; typically, from preschoolers you hear a variety of answers like “a superhero”, or “an astronaut”, and when one asks preteens you hear lots of “I want to be a doctor”. When I was asked this question in middle school I always answered “I want to be a nurse”. Throughout high school you are required to take a variety of classes in different subjects to widen your horizon on what interests you. From my experiences in these variety of class I learned a lot about myself and what I really liked, but one thing never changed and that was my dream profession of becoming a nurse. I credit my aunt, Shelly, who was a nursing professor at Medcenter One College of Nursing in Bismarck, ND for sparking my interest in nursing as my future career. Shelly did not live close to me so when I had the opportunity to spend quality time with her a couple times a year at our cabin, I would always ask her questions about her occupation. I cannot recall any specific stories she told me that made me really think and believe that is why I want to be a nurse. I credit that her passion and empathy she showed for the health of patients through her stories made me think I wanted to be just like her one day. Unfortunately, she died when I was in ninth grade and at her funeral, I remember students of hers talking about how fantastic of a nurse, she was and how she impacted their nursing careers and all I could remember is I want to continue living like her and making an impact on my own patients and maybe one day maybe my nursing students too. Nursing is an extremely respectable career with several huge benefits, one of them is the ability to for... ... middle of paper ... ... a huge impact on her patients and how she truly puts herself in their shoes. One day I hope I can make as significant of an impact on my patients as Tonia does and hopefully I can truly empathize with my patients like she does with every single patient of hers. After watching this movie, I became so excited to start making an impact on my patients like these five nurses do. There were several similar characteristics all of the nurses showed, such as: empathizing even though you may not have experienced anything remotely close to what they are going through, oriented to detail, and respectful to patients concerns or fears. Without a doubt I know nursing is my perfect profession. I am extremely enthusiastic to continue to study nursing techniques in lab and clinical in the spring and eventually start using these skills to form relationships with my future patients.
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