Why Monkeys Are Used Stone Tools For Thousands Of Years Essay

Why Monkeys Are Used Stone Tools For Thousands Of Years Essay

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In the news article titled, “Monkeys in Brazil ‘have used stone tools for hundreds of years at least’” it illustrated the recent findings that monkeys might have influenced human resources. Based on studies and observations from University of Sao Paulo and Oxford of monkeys, specifically capuchins in Brazil, they have concluded that monkeys might have had some role in evolving human development. Through investigation, the team noticed that in order for monkeys to open cashew nuts they used stone tools, which they have learned to do from watching older monkeys. Not only did anthropologists discovered how monkeys might have played a role in human utilization, they also discovered that stone tool using from monkeys have been the same for many generations. This source, University of Oxford, also noted that tool-using was not limited to monkeys only living in Africa, but also extended to regions outside of Africa as well. From then on, humans who were new to the area might have observed these monkeys and applied the technique to themselves.
Cultural Anthropology is a unique subject to...

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